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The founder of Trimly, James Seaford, recently launched a MTO brand of shoes produced by Fugashin Shoemaker. I just received my pair of Barossa semi-brogue oxford shoes, named after the famous Australian wine region. Trust me, these shoes are as great value as the wines themselves. Here is a quick review of these shoes!

Be sure to check out their website at – particular collections include: Men’s Shoes, Men’s Boots and Men’s Dress Shoes.


The leather upper is a French d’Annonay calf and this tannery is well known for its high quality and selection of leather. The leather looks so rich with personality and the grain is sophisticated. For a shoe costing $350 to use d’Annonay is an amazing feat in of itself already.

The Barossa from Thomas George Collection by Fugashin Shoemaker


On closer examination of the welt and the stitching, the welt stitching is done quite well and adequately close to the upper for a shoe of this price range. The consistency of the stitching is also notably better than my pair of Cheaney’s.


Perhaps what I am most impressed about is the hidden channel sole that you would rarely find on a shoe of this price range. It looks very sleek and handsome. It’ll be a shame when I have to scuff it up when I wear it but for now, I’d like to enjoy a good looking sole before then.

Look at the beautiful hidden channel sole

Fit and Style

I generally fit well into Crockett and Jones’ UK7 last 341 very well. This pair of Barossas really fit true to my size at UK7. The fit is super comfortable. Not too tight, not too loose. I can imagine walking around in these all day!

Fits like a glove


In this short review, I can confidently say that these shoes are great value for money. They fit me excellently, they look great and the construction quality is more than what I expected for the price that I paid. Definitely get some in the next made to order session which is soon, I believe!

One more photo for good measure

Here’s a video review and shine that I did for this pair!

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