Watch Out! Fashion Watches

Ever seen someone wear a Daniel Wellington watch?

On the Daniel Wellington website, some of their watches are being sold for $279 AUD, The Iconic is also selling them with prices ranging from $169 to $329 – and this is after a sale discount!

On the surface, these dinner plates for watches look simple with some reference to the Bauhaus design movement. They are heavily promoted by influencers on social media and a few years ago, a lot of my friends were talking about it.

Perfect Marketing

The marketing for this brand is flawless: Come up with a backstory behind a very white European Anglo name with 3 syllables for a surname (they wouldn’t sell very well if they were called Wei Chan watches), promote the hell out of the watch with sexy models on social media. With so many people on their phones scouring Instagram, it’s easy to see why they won so many people over to their brand.

It’s a classic example of logical fallacy: I have skin, a potato has skin, therefore I am a potato…. which is not so far from: sexy model has watch, sexy model is sexy, therefore I am sexy model if I have watch.

I have skin. Model has skin. Therefore I am model.

Admittedly, I have sometimes fallen for this and realised the fact after the purchase, but the purpose of this post is to hopefully snap us out of the hypnotic power of marketing to fall for such legal scams. After all, it is your money. You can do whatever you like with it.

How’s The Quality?

I mean it looks decent right? However, once you dive into the heart of what makes this thing tick, it’s a wonder why so many people still buy this stuff.

First of all, putting together a quartz movement does not require the high precision and steady hands of a watch maker that a brand like Rolex or Omega would have. Thus, it is significantly cheaper. Even then, the movement in the Daniel Wellington uses a Japanese Miyota quartz movement – one of the, if not the most, cheapest quartz movement available on the market, costing about $5 to make!

I can get a Miyota movement off eBay and the shipping will cost more than the purchase.

With a $5 movement in the case of the watch, it is absolutely ridiculous how they are asking for prices like $300! I wouldn’t give it any thought even if it were $50. Can you imagine the profit made from someone who buys these full price?

There have been comparison videos on YouTube between a retail Daniel Wellington watch and a $10 purchase off Amazon. The verdict? They’re pretty much the same watch. Someone on Australian Watch Forum (a group on Facebook) spotted a Daniel Wang watch in their overseas travel and the sad thing about it is that it probably came from the same factory making Daniel Wellington.

There’s nothing wrong with liking the look of these watches, but you’re probably better off buying a “fake” $10 one that came from the same factory as the real thing. I recommend to do some research behind the making of the product before you fall for the marketing ploys.

You know what? Go buy a Timex or Tissot instead.