Launching Fox Shine

It’s time that I bring my passion and love for shining up a pair of shoes to my home city of Sydney. With that I am launching a side business of polishing leather shoes for any shoe enthusiast in the Sydney community with “Fox Shine”. The website can be found here:

The Situation

In Sydney, I have seen many shoes look unloved and uncared for on the feet of strangers walking the streets. I’ve had friends and strangers alike talk to me about my shoes and how they look so well cared for. I’ve also heard these people talk about how they try to polish their shoes but the results are lacklustre to say the least.

I’ve seen leather shoes look scuffed and less than impressive even on the display shelves of fashion stockists like Tom Ford and Bally (never Double Monk though, they know what they’re doing). I’ve had conversations with people who wear suits and watches worth five digits each but their scuffed up shoes let down the whole look.

I guess, not many people actually have the skill of looking after their leathers and in Sydney, there’s really three options people currently have:

  1. Trying to DIY with crappy (or even just wrong) products and poor technique. This almost always ends up with a shoe that looks even more distressed than it started with.
  2. Going to the Sydney Shoe Shiners in The Strand Arcade and sit on a high chair and let them slather Kiwi polish all over the shoe. While this is a start to caring about shoes, the products aren’t the best and no mirror shine can be achieved properly this way. Not to mention the conditioners aren’t really given the proper time to bind with the leather for a deeply nourishing job.
  3. Use Baxter and Black’s polishing service. He is my Senpai and I look up to him the most in the shoe business. I would recommend him for all repair and maintenance needs such as flush metal top tap installations.

Fourth Option

This is where I come in.

I am aiming to cater for those who want better care for their shoes with the best French (Saphir) or Japanese (Boot Black) products, but cannot justify the cost of the polishing at Baxter’s.

Sound the horns and the trumpets!

I hope to see any interested Sydney-siders about their shoe care in the near future!