Dappertude 2019

The Dappertude show kicked off on 26 October at the Jackalberry (Hyatt Regency) in Sydney. The purpose of the day was to educate, inspire and network like minded men together and to see what is out there in the Australian men’s fashion world.

Big hats off to Jackalberry for providing the venue and Johnny Li for organising the event. I’m looking forward to the next one in Melbourne already!

Jeff Lack was the host of the seminar and he talked about many tips about styling and interviewed many of the keynote speakers for the day. He’s a really charming and funny man!

The seersucker cloth stood out the most.

Thomas George Collection

I was there with Ben Atkinson and James Seaford representing the Thomas George Collection. I recently signed on as fellow co-founder and Director (Business Strategy) and it was an absolute pleasure to be there talking about quality shoes and shoe care with other people.

Yeah the boys

We show cased our prototype shoes that will be launching in January 2020 and the response that we got from many gentlemen and ladies there was overwhelmingly positive.



Throughout the day I had the opportunity to meet many influencers in the industry, other smart looking men, women in the industry and got to hang out with a handful of them after the event. It was also heartwarming to be greeted by many people who knew me through Welted Shoes Australia!

It was a fun day to just get to know new people and share a similar passion for looking dapper with them.

Steve Tilly

By order of the Peaky Blinders, you must be this hot to enter the premises.

Nathan Leung

Ladies, line up – he’s single!

Johnny Li

The main man Johnny Li who put all this together.

Carl from Old Angler

The bags Carl sells are top notch

Alain from Pacifico Optical

Might actually get a pair from Pacifico Optical. Looking at an acetate tortoise shell…

Jeff Lack

The host of the seminar was Jeff Lack. He gave a lot of good styling tips and he’s got a charming personality.

Saint Luke

The best dressed gentleman at the seminar. He loved the Fox Umbrella that I brought along and checking out our shoes over at Thomas George Collection! Starstruck πŸ™‚

Truefitt & Hill

I learned a lot about proper skin and hair care from Truefitt and Hill’s representatives. Go check them out for a close shave up in QVB!

Sascha Klein

Sascha was so awesome that she spent her birthday with us! Go see her for made to measure garments.

A. Taylor

Guest speaker of the day on made to measure and bespoke suiting. Really knows his stuff.

It’s A Wrap!

The main thing that stood out to me from all the talks was the need for men to take care of their skin and hair more. I’m going to need to start looking into pre-shave oil and use a hair conditioner.

As for shoes, James Seaford spoke really well to the audience and his anecdotes were engaging and educational. Was great to reaffirm what I know and also for our team to share that with everyone else.

Took some of them out after dinner to The Barbershop, The Baxter Inn and Lobo Plantation. Fun night!