It’s Been A Hot Minute

Yeah it’s been a hot minute since my last post. So here’s a quick update on some things that have happened since my last one!

One of my new hobbies that I’ve picked up is… Cryptocurrency! Cue moans and groans because it seems like everyone is talking about it and getting involved in it.

Without spending too much time typing up all about it, I just want to focus on sharing one thing that I’ve been doing in the crypto space…


I’ve been getting into collecting some NFT’s on the Cronos network. Here’s some of my NFT’s from Mad Meerkat Burrow 😀

Now why would I want these? Aren’t they just really expensive jpeg’s?

And the answer to that is sort of but not really – these NFT’s are represented as tokens on the network, and I can stake them on the Mad Meerkat Finance website to generate more returns, so in a way, they are actually generating some passive income for me at the moment.

They also can resell for much higher value later down the track.

Anyway, that’s it for a short update – I might be back for some more personal life updates.