R.M. Williams Heritage Museum – Adelaide Visit

Last year I had the opportunity to visit Adelaide which is the home of our very own Australian iconic brand, R.M. Williams. Reginald Murray Williams originally crafted boots back in his workshop on 5 Percy St, Prospect SA, now a flagship store for R.M. Williams as seen in the featured picture. If you own a pair of RM’s, you’ll notice that this is the address printed on the tabs of the boots.

Trying on the rum Comfort Craftsman boots

Inside you’ll find what you’ll expect from any retail store, a friendly staff and a plethora of R.M. Williams merchandise – most importantly, their boots.

It’s quite spacious

The manager of this store, I think her name was Rita, has been working there for over 30 years and went to school with the original Reginald Williams’ son. Listening to her life story in her contact with the man behind the legend is not something you can get online.

There’s something uniquely special about meeting the people behind the product. Here’s a photo of my mum and I after purchasing a pair of rum coloured Comfort Craftsmans.

Can’t see my eyes lol

The Museum

The main attraction of the 5 Percy Street store is the collection of historical artefacts and stories presented in the museum at the back of the store. These stories include tales of how all of it came together and you can see the things that the early days of the company made.

Traditionally, as a bushman’s outfitter, R.M. Williams makes a lot of items for the workers in the country like whips and saddles. These are on display in the museum too. Here are some photos I took when I was there!

These are some pretty old boots!
A salt encrusted skull found in the outback. How cool!
Custom made size 17. Wow.
Boot sole screwing machine

It was a pretty small museum but the stories in it I read were pretty interesting.

The Factory Outlet

While in Adelaide, it’s always worth checking the outlet for factory seconds. There are two main places to go – the R.M. Williams official outlet or the factory outlet in Harbour Town.

Such a colourful display!

While I was there with my parents, they managed to snag a couple good deals they were happy with. My mum got a pair of chinchillas, my dad a pair of suede boots. I got a pair of burgundy greasy kip comfort craftsman for $199. What a steal. They were at the bottom of the bargain bin looking neglected, but I knew how to restore their colour with my polishing skills, so lucky me!

It was also funny taking note of what people were wearing on the streets while roaming around the city centre. Needless to say, there were a lot of R.M’s. To be expected for the birthing place of the brand!