Musical Memories

Ever hear a song or a tune and you suddenly experience a past memory again?

It’s funny how the mind and memory works. I read somewhere that we remember things because we feel an emotion in that point in time, and what better way to instill emotion in the soul than with music? It amazes me how we can physically be in one location and one point in time, but our memories and minds can take us beyond the realm of space and time.

I dunno, maybe I just day dream too much?

Over the last 27 years of my life, it’s insane how many nostalgic memories I’ve stored up get recalled once I hear or sometimes even think of a certain song. On the other hand, when I don’t have an associated tune or emotion attached to an event, I don’t even believe they happened even after someone has tried to remind me of it.

Here are some artists and one of their songs that bring back some memories…

1. Kygo

2. JJ Lin

3. One Ok Rock

4. Jay Chou

5. Steve Vai