M.J. Bale Kingston Relaunch Event

I had the pleasure to attend the relaunch of M.J. Bale’s line up of Kingston single-source Tasmanian merino wool suits on Thursday. This event was held at the Martin Place store in the city. I was glad that beer and platters of food were provided while we perused the store and checked out the new offerings of Kingston suits.

Free refreshments are the best.

Kingston is a fourth generation family run wool-growing farm in Tasmania that dates back almost 200 years to the mid 1800’s. M.J. Bale is working with them to bring superfine merino wool with great thermal regulation properties, warm in winter but cool in summer, to their line up of suits. There are 5 Kingston fabrics that you can only get if you order from their custom tailoring program, something that I can personally attest to as a great experience! Their custom specialist in Sydney is genuinely a great man to do business with.

The custom fabrics are really nice but they’re all blue!

I’ve been looking for a brown fabric for some time now and for some reason, this versatile colour for a jacket is scarce in Sydney’s suit shops without breaking the bank for a MTM option. The new Kingston fabrics are really beautiful and well milled but the lack of colour options is the only criticism I have. Hopefully more options will come as time goes on.

These aren’t the Kingston suits but the RTW ones are hanging on the rack to the right of the photo.

In addition to attending this event, it was great to hang out with my mate Frank. We met through the Welted Shoes Australia page when he wanted a pair of his Cheaney’s shined and it was overall an enjoyable evening. I would post a photo but I had a beer and Asian flush makes me look like a beetroot…