My Melbourne Trip

Can’t believe my conference trip to Melbourne was already over a week ago as of the time of writing this post, as I am already on holiday in Hong Kong – watch out for my post about that!

The Boys

Over in Melbourne, I met the other Admins of Welted Shoes Australia Facebook group; James and Ben. We enjoyed several beers and an Espresso Martini at various locations around the Melbourne city!

At State of Grace with the boys. You have to pull a book from a shelf to reveal a hidden entrance! Felt like Harry Potter!
Hi Chloe!

I also had the opportunity to shine one of James’ Crockett and Jones shoes on another day while filming for a short, fun interview. Hopefully that’s coming soon!

Culture and Food

The National Gallery of Victoria also had an exhibition showcasing the Terracotta Warriors and Cai Guo Qiang’s masterpieces. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Kneeling archer for deadly tactics
Ash from pyrotechnics on white porcelain birds, just one of Cai’s works.

I only had one chance to visit a nice cafe in Melbourne as the other days were spent in a conference. I went to Hardware Societe which was recommended to me many years ago. Pretty good food and interesting coffee art.

Pork belly and 🍳
Up the Roosters! (Irony: I’m in Melbourne where it storms a lot)

Menswear Shops

I stopped by briefly at American Tailors and checked out some of their Francesco Maglia umbrellas. They’re so thicc that a Fox Umbrella would look like a skinny boy next to them. Although their products and services are of the best quality, I found it difficult and on the verge of impossible to establish a rapport with the staff who were considerably older than me and the Double Monk staff. Maybe it’s just me.

Of course, my visit to Melbourne was not complete without checking out the flagship store of Double Monk. I had a friendly and very educative chat about shoes with Charles and Ben from there, topics ranging from why they don’t stock Carmina and George Cleverley (anymore), why certain leather choices are more economical than others and managed to convince me why buying a Stefano Bemer replica Russian reindeer shoe is a bad idea. A lot of food for thought. Interesting perspectives.

Ben hard at work shining some shoes
Some shoes and boxes on their shelves
Trying on some John Lobbs
I love their over the counter wall design

Melbourne is such a great city for all it has to offer and it’s such a shame I couldn’t stay for longer.

I’ll be back for some more exploration in October, during which I will be watching the Harry Potter plays too!

On my list to see next:

  • Harry Potter plays
  • Manfred’s Shoe Lounge
  • Wootten
  • Melody Chia