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Kazuna Shoes

In Sydney, the access to Japanese artisanal expertise is rare.

In today’s globalised society, we often don’t think about where things come from, how they were created or who made them as long as they look good. Such is the case with men’s fashion with items such as suits, ties and shoes. To the untrained eye, the marketing ploys and beautiful model photos distract us from asking the questions that matter. What is the quality like?

Choose Something Different

In 2019, Australia’s suit market is littered with many affordable brands such as M.J. Bale, T.M. Lewin and Suit Supply before you hit the echelons of Ermenegildo Zegna or Tom Ford. They’re the names that everyone brings up when a discussion about suits is brought up.

However, just because something exists doesn’t mean it’s the best.

So when I find myself in these discussions, I like to recommend someone different to the usual: Japanese expert in all things sartorial, Kaz of Kazuna. With over 30 years experience in the industry and hailing from a Japanese background and work ethic, he is a hidden gem of Sydney. You can read more about his bio on his website. We are lucky to have him operate his business in Sydney instead of somewhere else like Melbourne.

With Kaz’s services, I am assured of the utmost quality. He knows where things are made, how they’re made, who they’re made by and most importantly, he doesn’t lie about how you would look. He genuinely wishes the best for his customers and all questions about his products is met with full transparency.


Kaz mainly offers a made-to-measure service for shirts, denim jeans, suits and shoes. He also sells leather goods such as wallets and business folders. This post will focus on the products that I have personally ordered.

As of right now, he has temporarily moved his services away from a brick and mortar store. He meets his clients who make a booking in person for fittings and consultations.


Like many made-to-measure suiting services, the journey starts with a measurement, leads into the joyous process of choosing your personal style of fabric, types of functional buttons, lining, colour – you name it – and ends with a final fitting process when the suit is made. This is not to be confused with Bespoke services.

From Kazuna I have a midnight blue three piece suit that is fully canvassed with purple lining made with fabric from Kuzuri Keori, est. 1912. He offers other options as well, but I opted for the Japanese fabric. Getting this anywhere else will require a flight to Japan!

Kuzuri Keori
Three piece suit from Kazuna with Kuzuri Keori fabric.


Kaz offers two services for shoes: a made-to-order option from Spain or made-to-measure option by Miyagi-Kogyo of Japan. I have personally ordered two pairs of shoes from his Miyagi-Kogyo option and if you read my previous post on how I got into shoes in the first place, you’ll know that this was one of the brands that got me started!

He uses the proprietary measuring system designed by Miyagi-Kogyo that caters for 17 lengths and 6 widths to measure the feet. This is followed by a trial walk in a test shoe of that size. With these shoes, there are also some customisable options that you can have fun with.

You can choose the type of leather (kip, d’Annonay calf, reptile, python, cordovan), the colour, the style of welting, the profile of the welt, the leather lining colour, the type of shoe laces, the sole and heel, and of course the style of the shoe.

Here are the shoes that I have:

The kip leather is tougher and more durable than the calf leather but there is also a price difference in the two. When shining these pairs, they both take in the polishes well and it is relatively easy to produce a nice, reflective shine.

You can check out his website at www.kazuna.com.au.

So the next time you are looking to satisfy quality sartorial needs, why not check out Kaz’s offerings first?

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