Doing Really Well, Actually

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve made a post, and I was really just venting out some angst in that last one – sorry.

The Last Year Of My 20’s

Since then, I’ve turned 29, and I threw a small dinner party in the city with some close mates that afterwards ended in a poker session, enjoying free food and drink at my friend’s workplace pantry in the city after hours. Nice views. Great company. Awesome fun. No better way to spend my 29th birthday.

Hooray for poker, kombucha, cereal and friends in the late evening.

Hacker Man

I had been working on a programming project with my friend since mid last year and that has been good in developing my ICT and programming skills. Compared to last year, I’m exponentially more confident in my coding skills and have picked up a lot of knowledge along the way.

It’s awesome because I get to pass on this knowledge as a teacher to students at the school I work in! A good teacher practices what they teach right?

It’s been a blessing to work with my friend on this project – he’s encouraged me to go to his church when my usual one changed the time to one I can’t make it to. I’ve been going to St Pauls Carlingford recently with him and I am thankful for a friend who I can do hectic programming with and also call a brother in Christ.

A Place I Call Home

After leaving the boarding house at my previous school (lived in there for about 4 years), I moved back in with my parents – having lived mostly with and for myself for 4 years and then moving back in with the folks was sort of difficult.

I mean, free food, bills paid and free internet is awesome and all, but being treated like I’m still 19 and not 29 is not a good feeling. I guess I’ll always be the younger child in my mum’s eyes.

Anyway, good things happened (not going to go into the details) but I eventually moved out of there and I am now living on my own… two floors down hahaha.

Welcome to my home office.

Have You Lost Weight?

Yes. Yes, I have.

It’s a question that a lot of people ask when they see me for the first time after a long while. I’ve been consistently exercising every week, and actually enjoying it for the first time in my life – I’ve been doing it for myself in the absence of any ulterior motives of impressing other people, nor acting impulsively on heartbreaking news…

I’ve been eating healthier, with a staple diet of proteins (chicken, salmon, boiled egg), healthy fats (avocado, nuts), quinoa, kale, and good whole foods. Unfortunately, still a coffee addict but I don’t think I’ll ever quit that.

I made dis.

Two of my friends have started coming to my place to train and it feels weird being the one giving advice on how to get fit. I’ve always been the fat one who never joins in on any physical activity, but times have changed I guess – for the better!

The goal for this year is to get absolutely shredded before I hit my 30’s. Set a high bar, and reach for the moon.

To The Moon!

So my friend and fellow co-founder of the Thomas George Collection, Ben, encouraged me to invest in Cryptocurrency. I followed his advice and a few weeks later, Tesla bought billions worth of BTC – glad I got in before the massive value increase!

To the moon!

No, I didn’t invest in GME. Hahaha.

2021 is the year of tendies – I can feel it.

It’s Good

One year ago, I was devastated and in a bad place.

This year has been a bullish year for stonks prospects, crypto prospects, work and life prospects, health prospects, and I’m very thankful and grateful to be where I am today. Let’s hope it stays that way, and when it eventually dips again – it’ll be alright.

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